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Top 10 luxury brand multichannel campaigns of Q4

December 21, 2012


Luxury marketers looked to engage consumers and prompt purchases though campaigns that touched multiple channels during the last quarter of the year.

The most-successful multichannel campaigns likely incorporated print, television, social media, email and other mediums for an effective push for both the brand lifestyle and emotionally-triggered transactions during the final months of 2012. This strategy can keep brands top of mind during a crowded holiday shopping season.

Here are the top 10 luxury multichannel campaigns released during the last quarter of 2012, in alphabetical order:

Cartier’s Winter Tale holiday campaign

French jeweler Cartier targeted last-minute holiday shoppers through email blasts as a final push for the multichannel Winter Tale campaign that it spread via online and print media.

Cartier released a Winter Tale video at the start of the holiday shopping season and is continuing the winter theme throughout its multichannel holiday efforts.

The campaign is also being pushed through the brand’s Web site and Facebook page.

In addition, the brand promoted its holiday collections through a catalog that was sent to customers’ homes. It flaunted Cartier’s collections amongst snowflakes in the catalog, keeping with the Winter Tale theme.

Winter Tale print ads were also seen in a number of December issues of magazines with a largely affluent audience. These include Vanity Fair, Vogue, WSJ. Magazine and W magazine.

Chanel’s No. 5 campaign featuring Brad Pitt

French fashion house Chanel not only stuck to standard print and television placements, but used digital and mobile banner ads to promote its groundbreaking Chanel No. 5 fragrance video campaign with actor Brad Pitt.

The No. 5 campaign kicked off Oct. 14 and featured Mr. Pitt – the first male brand ambassador for the women’s fragrance – in creative that the label rolled out via print, TV, digital and mobile.

Chanel placed oversized banner ads on The New York Times Web site and YouTube on the first full day of the campaign.

Chanel also promoted the digital campaign via its Web site, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, the label used mobile banner ads in the Pandora iPhone application to link to its mobile commerce site.

DeLeón’s end of the world celebration for Leóna tequila

Premium tequila brand DeLeón built up the buzz for its new Leóna tequila through an end-of-the-world-themed multichannel campaign meant to lure users to try the spirit.

The tequila maker is releasing its tequila Dec. 21 on the day the Mayan calendar ends. The tequila is being promoted through print ads, its own Web site and a kick-off event.

The brand also placed various billboards for the premium tequila.

In addition, DeLeón took out two pages in the November Robb Report Host’s Guide Holiday 2012 supplement and in Robb Report’s October issue to advertise Leóna.

Four Seasons’ Ignite the Spark campaign

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts targeted couples in its fourth-quarter multichannel campaign after the response from an international brand survey indicated that the hotel company’s guests are seeking more adults-only travel.

The brand triggered bookings from affluent couples through adult-oriented packages at many of its properties as well as a social media push on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and its online magazine.

Though couples-only getaways have been around for quite some time, Four Seasons’ “Ignite the Spark” campaign rekindled the trend with a 360-degree approach.

Four Seasons Magazine posted campaign-themed content in “The Spark” section.

Features included aphrodisiacs around the world, sample questions to start a conversation and a quiz to discover couples’ ideal travel destination. Links were included for couples to book future trips.

In addition, Four Seasons hosted a “Countdown to Romance” Facebook application.

Four Seasons properties promoted the app and in-house Ignite the Spark packages on their own Facebook pages.

Lancôme’s Génifique Day charity campaign

Beauty marketer Lancôme leveraged its three-year partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through Génifique Day when the brand donated $7 with each purchase of select Génifique product bottles.

Lancôme pushed in-store and online purchases on Génifique Day Oct. 19 through a donation to its charity partner as well as allowing consumers to spread the word via a Facebook application.

Though the Facebook app, users could create and share virtual photo booth strips that stated the time when they feel their best.

Lancôme looked to align the wellness factor of its Génifique products with the day- and month-long programs. It was also looking to get consumers involved in its St. Jude partnership.

Lexus’ LS Campaign

Toyota Corp.’s Lexus captured the brand’s revamped attitude in its 2013 LS sedan campaign that spans print and television.

The 2013 LS line featured the first LS F Sport that comes with its own marketing campaign to highlight the lifestyle of its drivers. The campaign centers on four pillars: fashion, entertainment, epicurean and travel.

Lexus released two commercials and two print advertisements to promote its new LS, along with the tagline, “an entirely new pursuit.”

Both commercials show the luxurious, fast-paced lifestyle of people in an LS vehicle.

The print ads show a picture of the LS and the couple with the words “Arrive Fashionably” and “Memorable Performance.” These ads were featured in magazines such as Wired, Architectural Digest, DuJour and Black Card Magazine.

Also, Lexus placed a billboard in Times Square in New York and had out-of-home placements in private airports and executive lounges.

Louis Vuitton’s L’Invitation au Voyage campaign

French fashion house Louis Vuitton moved into television advertising through its first commercial that was part of a multichannel brand awareness campaign.

The L’Invitation au Voyage campaign featured model Arizona Muse who is shown in TV, print and digital creative.

Louis Vuitton showed the TV spot on Facebook the same time it debuted on-air.

A teaser video was released through the brand’s social media, Web site and print advertisements before the spot aired.

One element of the campaign was a Facebook application where the digital premiere of the video took place. Louis Vuitton asked its fans to “accept the invitation” through the app in order to view the preview.

Mercedes-Benz’s Naughty or Nice campaign

Mercedes-Benz USA is pushing its Winter Event through a multichannel campaign that nods to Santa Claus’ “Naughty or Nice” list in a commercial and e-card tool.

The 30-second commercial shows Santa among 2013 vehicles as he ships them off to both naughty and nice consumers.

The corresponding digital campaign lets consumers send personalized video e-cards to their friends with “naughty” or “nice” content.

The Winter Event commercial seems to have first prompted the “Naughty of Nice” theme of the Winter Event campaign. The commercial is in rotation on various networks.

Prada’s Miu Miu members-only club campaign

Prada-owned Miu Miu feted its exclusive brand lifestyle through a private members club called The Miu-Miu-London that was open for a three-day stint.

The Miu-Miu-London was a private women’s club open Nov. 27-29 at the Café Royal on Regent Street, London.

Miu Miu also shared this branded experience beyond the walls of the venue through a digital campaign that gave a look at the goings-on of the club.

The label transformed its Web site into the hub for club-related news and content.

Users could tweet questions during the scheduled sessions in the conversation room using the #themiumiu hashtag.

Tourneau’s Kiss Cam campaign

Watchmaker and retailer Tourneau is boosting its second-annual exhibit of the world’s largest mistletoe ball at its New York-based concept store through a multichannel “kiss cam” campaign.

Tourneau switched up the theme of its mistletoe campaign this year, but stuck with a contest to encourage in-store visits and interactions on a Facebook application.

Consumers who visit the store through Jan. 1 can have their picture taken while kissing under the mistletoe. These images are incorporated into a digital display shown in-store and on the Kissing Time Facebook app.

The Facebook app encourages users to visit the store and have their picture taken and displays an image gallery of the photographs taken so far.

To kick off the campaign, Tourneau hosted a VIP event at the Tourneau Concept Store at 510 Madison Avenue in New York.

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New Y ork