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Twitter redesign will increase luxury brand engagement

September 23, 2010

Luxury brands will be able to incorporate rich media into their Tweets


In an industry whose online presence is highly defined by rich media and images, Twitter’s redesign will help luxury marketers increase their brand engagement.

The redesign includes the ability to embed videos or images directly into Tweets and more access to information on the authors of Twitter posts. The enhancements will make social media marketing more effective and engaging for both consumers and brands.

“I think among probably the biggest changes for luxury brands is the ability to embed pictures or video into Twitter,” said Lou Kerner, social media analyst at Wedbush Securities, Los Angeles. “So you would get higher multimedia engagement, which would result in higher engagement for luxury goods.

“Before, they would have to click through and now they can see it right there on, which would be advantageous for luxury brands,” he said “It helps when people see whatever goods are being discussed.”

Rich imagery
Luxury brands have long been known to rely heavily on images and videos to promote their brands on the Web. While many have ecommerce sites, some rely simply on rich media to get the message across to consumers.

The redesigned Twitter will undoubtedly pair nicely with the image-laden industry.

“I think we believe that the changes will broadly make the site more consumer-friendly,” Mr. Kerner said. “There is probably an advantage to luxury brands over normal brands due to the rich-media engagement.”

Personal profile
The redesign will allow luxury brands to better reflect themselves on the platform, according to Twitter.

Here is a screen grab of luxury brand Gucci's Twitter page, prior to the redesign:


When using social media sites such as Twitter, marketers' main goals are to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and growth, according to a study by Direct Marketing Association.

Sixty percent of Americans are using social media, of which 59 percent interact with companies on social media sites, according to a study by Cone Inc.

In a study done by the Direct Marketing Association, the main goal of marketers when using social media as a marketing tool is to increase brand awareness, followed next by an increase in customer growth and loyalty.

“It also happens to be good for businesses, but we made these changes with users in mind,” they said.

“Companies can now combine the text of their Tweets with pictures and video, and creatively customize their profile pages to match their brand's flavor and color palate."

Final Take
Kaitlyn Bonneville, editorial assistant at Luxury Daily, New York