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Vogue Snapchat Discover channel premieres amidst NYFW

September 12, 2016

miranda kerr vogue snapchat Miranda Kerr appears on Vogue's Snapchat Discover for its premiere


Condé Nast’s Vogue has made its fashionably late debut on Snapchat Discover with millennial-centric content to usher in new subscribers.

Personalities of the Kardashian-Jenner family have become familiar faces throughout the pages of Vogue, and the streak continues with the launch of its Discover channel on the mobile messaging application. The Snapchat channel aired for the first time on Sept. 6 with a would-you-rather interview featuring reality star Kim Kardashian West and tips from model Miranda Kerr to appeal to the app’s millennial fan base.

"So many focus on being the First-Mover, the first to come up with an ideas," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "However, experience teaches us that it is the “Fast-Follower”, not the first mover that often takes the spoils.

"The First-Mover is the explorer, the one that treads new ground, learns from the first-hand experience and as a consequence treads the way for others," he said. "The Fast-Follower can catch up with the First-Mover since they path has already been tread.

"They can learn from the First-Mover experience (i.e. the successes and mistakes) and evolve their approach to delight their audience, at a reduced costs in terms of both time an money."

Mr. Becker is not affiliated with Vogue but agreed to comment as an industry expert

Vogue did not respond by press deadline.

Snapping success
Last Tuesday marked the first day that the high fashion magazine manifested its presence on the paid Snapchat Discover channel. The experience will allow users to read content from Vogue specifically created for the app.

miranda kerr snapchat vogue

Miranda Kerr shares her airport style tips

Vogue will air the Snapchat editions every Tuesday and Friday. The first edition featured a light-hearted Q&A with Ms. Kardashian West in which she decided on hypothetical scenarios, such as would she rather live without air conditioning or the Internet.

Ms. Kerr appeared on the maiden episode to share her style tips with viewers and fans, such as what to wear while traveling. The exclusive takes place inside the model’s home and includes an appearance from her dog as she shows off various airport style looks.

The fashion magazine was sure to include updates on New York Fashion Week and incorporated exclusives from behind the scenes with models, a common occurrence on Snapchat. Last year, fashion brands embraced Snapchat to give their consumers secret insider content, providing more access to the inner workings of putting on a runway show.

Michael Kors and Valentino were among the brands that took advantage of the application’s ability to share fleeting glimpses of personal moments, inviting them into a form of community. Snapchat users tend to skew younger, opening up labels to a new generation of consumers (see more).

Meaningful to millennials
Snapchat users can scroll up within Vogue’s content on the last page to subscribe to the channel, which will send them the Tuesday and Friday editions within the app. The magazine announced the additional platform through various social media outlets and a post on, enticing readers by teasing segments that are featured on the channel.

Publishers and media brands' presence on Snapchat is essential in connecting to the millennial audience. While Vogue previously had an organic account on the app, the professionalism of the Discover feature makes for a different experience that millennials will enjoy.

Ms. West and Ms. Kerr’s appearance on the channel may give the channel a kick start that Vogue needs to be successful without delay, as the two personalities favor well with the millennial segment of the magazine’s audience.

kardashian snapchat

Kim Kardashian appears in a fun interview

The Kardashian family’s presence throughout Vogue’s numerous editorial channels has been on a steady incline. Fendi and Estée Lauder supported the Kendall Jenner theme of this year’s September issue of Condé Nast's Vogue, featuring the spokesmodel in two contrasting ad campaigns running within the magazine.

Ms. Jenner made her American Vogue cover debut on the most sought-after issue of the year, but she is also featured throughout the magazine - not only in its editorials but within its advertising. However, Ms. Jenner was not the only celebrity seen within the luxury and high fashion ads of the issue, with Dior, Lancôme and Miu Miu also incorporating familiar faces within their campaigns (see more).

"Snapchat is a phenomena," Mr. Becker said. "it is an experiential medium catering to a highly important audience, the Millennial generation that makes up nearly a third of our the U.S. population covering a span between the ages of-of 20~35.

"Fashion Week is not for everyone, in fact in caters to a select few; however, this few can be considered the key influencers to of tens of millions of people," he said. "By releasing a Snapchat Discover channel Vogue is following fast.

"It is recognizing the four key principles of The Connected Marketer. It is expressing understanding, that it understands its target audience. It is connecting, specifically with influencers. It is reducing friction by bringing content to the influencers medium of choice. And, most of all, it is being of service, providing content and stories that produce value for the individual."