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Armani touts brand personality in latest eyewear campaign

April 10, 2013


Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani is pushing brand lifestyle and its eyewear in the latest installment of its “Frames of Life” campaign that brings together the stories of five young characters.

Parts of the multichannel campaign will be released over the next two months as consumers are introduced to each protagonist and his or her eyewear preference. Armani is presenting the campaign with Luxottica with which it has an exclusive license agreement for its eyewear.

"The Frames of Life campaign is an effort to associate the product to a broad audience through personal connections," said Rachel Lewis, senior strategist at iProspect, Fort Worth, TX. "The campaign introduces the viewer by name to several people with differing careers, providing the sense of a personal connection to the character and their lifestyle.

"This campaign demonstrates the versatility of the product line, and how they fit into the lives of people with assorted interests and professions," she said. "Relating the products in this way increases the likelihood that the brand will make a personal connection with a consumer," she said.

"In the future, Armani may want to consider diversifying the ads to a greater degree by including characters of varying ages and ethnicities."

Ms. Lewis is not affiliated with Armani, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Armani declined comment.

Five personalities

The 2013 Frames of Life campaign will span print and digital.

Armani launched the marketing campaign dedicated to its eyewear in 2010 to showcase the lifestyle associated with wearing its sunglasses and eyeglasses.

The new installment tells the story of five characters, including one couple, who are unknowingly together in a city square.

The personalities of the characters will come to light in four video installments that are being released over the next two months.

Also, each character’s eyewear will complement his or her personality, per the brand.

Armani is teasing the campaign through the Frames of Life microsite at where consumers can view a 70-second trailer of the full campaign, meet each character in four 26-second teaser videos, explore the design process of the eyewear and browse eyewear worn by each character.

Consumers can click the words and names that form a makeshift film poster to explore each section.


The brand is also sharing the video content on its social channels.

The first character to be fully featured in the campaign will be Luc, a just-published writer. His story will be revealed later this month, but consumers can currently browse the two eyewear styles that he wears in the campaign on the microsite.

The following installments will feature Carlos, a young barman who is interested in cinema; Nina, a cellist; and architects Lucille and Adrian.

Frames of Life trailer

The 2013 Frames of Life campaign will portray each new character’s stories, hopes and emotions, per Armani, but with one common thread – their Armani eyewear.

Year after year

Armani has added interactive elements to its Frame of Life campaign in previous years and is likely to do so this time around.  

For example, the brand launched an Instagram effort called “Frames of Your Holiday” in July 2012 during which consumers could upload images of them wearing their favorite sunglasses (see story).

In 2011, the label added an interactive elements to its Frames of Life microsite to let consumers create their own Armani advertisement by piecing together different clips of content (see story).

Armani is likely to create renewed interest for its eyewear with its annual Frames of Life campaign and will benefit since consumers often replace their glasses annually.

Adding interactivity during each installment can help the original theme of the campaign last through different seasons and holidays.

"It makes sense for Armani to rework this campaign yearly as it coincides with the buying cycle for this type of product," Ms. Lewis said.

"It is common for consumers to replace eyewear on an annual basis, so by unveiling new product on this timeline, Armani is enticing loyalists to repurchase while also capturing the attention of potential new customers," she said.

Final Take
Tricia Carr, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York