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Aston Martin, Jaeger-Le Coultre push collaboration via video, social media

November 14, 2012


Sports car manufacturer Aston Martin and watchmaker Jaeger-Le Coultre are marking their eighth year as brand partners by promoting the new AMVOX7 chronograph through a video and social media campaign.

The collaboration is being pushed via both brands' Facebook and Twitter accounts along with a video teaser. The two marketers created a product that was distinctively their own since the Jaeger-Le Coultre chronograph reflects the details in an Aston Martin vehicle, which will help to entice followers of both brands.

"Both brands can use such collaborations to introduce themselves and create linkage to the clients and fans of the other brand," said Ron Kurtz, president of American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta.

"In this case, the watch can be an interesting acquisition for the owner of the car, and the buyer of the watch can be an aspiring owner of the car," he said.

"Both brands can also use this product to create content for their various channels of communications to the media and to both current and prospective customers."

Mr. Kurtz is not affiliated with Aston Martin or Jaeger-Le Coultre, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Aston Martin did not respond by press deadline. Jaeger-Le Coultre declined to comment.

Brand influence

The Jaeger-Le Coultre chronograph borrows many of its characteristics from Aston Martin. It includes iconic characteristics and an ergonomic shape inspired by the automaker, per Jaeger-Le Coultre.

The design of the chronograph reproduces the design on the radiator grill of the Vanquish which is the latest model produced by Aston Martin.

The AMVOX7 timepiece’s motor reflects the motor of the Vanquish. It has a frequency of 28,000 vibrations per hour and a 65-hour power reserve.

The AMVOX line has been a favorite of motor-sport fans for approximately 10 years, according to Jaeger-Le Coultre.

Aston Martin Racing drivers Adrian Fernandez and Darren Turner as well as Aston Martin chairman David Richards have all been known to wear AMVOX timepieces.

A partnership like this one can help marketers gain more followers.

"Partnerships are an effective way for a luxury brand to cross-promote while still maintaining the exclusivity of its target audience," said Taylor Rains, account coordinator at Rawle Murdy Associates, Charleston, SC. "Intra-industry collaborations also serve to develop the personality of a brand.

"In this case, it paints the portrait of a Jaeger-Le Coultre owner as an Aston Martin aficionado and vice-versa," he said. "By forming a partnership, they are injecting interest into their respective brands with very little associated risk, which is an undeniably effective strategy for a luxury brand."

Multimedia promotions

Both social media and video are being used to promote this collaboration.

The video titled “Perfection is not a coincidence” opens with a scene of the watch and fades into a black background as a shot of the Aston Martin Vanquish appears.

The 60-second video cuts between shots of the watch and car. Close-up shots show the detail in both items.

The video ends with a title screen and the Jaeger Le-Coultre logo.

Also, Jaeger Le-Coultre heavily promoted the chronograph through Facebook posts. An image of the chronograph and vehicle are currently Jaeger Le-Coultre’s cover photo.

Jaeger-Le Coultre's Facebook

Aston Martin also posted about the chronograph on its Facebook page.

The automaker created a photo album for the launch event. The album has been shared approximately 175 times on Facebook.

Aston Martin album

These cross-promotions could help both Aston Martin and Jaeger-Le Coultre gain more followers and potential customers.

"Value will be added to both brands as a result of the exposure this collaboration will generate in the media and as an introduction or linkage to the clients of the other brand," American Affluence Research Center's Mr. Kurtz said.

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York