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Hilton & Hyland takes provocative approach to Beverly Hills listing

May 8, 2017

Video still from the OPUS trailer


Luxury real estate firm Hilton & Hyland is taking a cue from Hollywood to promote its most prestigious listing.

On the market for $100 million, the mansion named OPUS is hoping to get bids through two “seductive” trailers. The listing is located in Beverly Hills, CA and is over 20,500 square foot.

"This is the last opportunity to own a turn-key property in this celebrated neighborhood,” said Nile Niami, real estate developer and producer of the films. “We took a darker approach to the styling and direction of the trailer because as night falls on Opus, the house has a very alluring and undeniably sexy vibe that needed to be captured.”

Real estate and marketing
Hilton & Hyland is taking a risqué approach to promoting the expensive Beverly Hills listing.

The campaign includes two differing videos, one being for all audiences with a Green Brand rating and another that is more racy with an emphasis on seduction.

OPUS video still 

Representing Cleopatra and her handmaidens, the OPUS video leans on female sexuality to show off the luxuriousness of the million-dollar listing. The video follows the format of a traditional Hollywood film trailer.

OPUS’ Green Band trailer features many of the same shots but is cut down to be less provocative.

The video begins with a slow pan of the views from OPUS and quickly cuts to a woman lying dying with gold being painted on her face and body. Various clips of women in golden paint and accessories are shown throughout the home.

OPUS is featured with seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms with a VIP and master suites. Throughout the grounds are two swimming pools along with a 20-foot glass waterfall.

OPUS video still 

Footage of the mansion’s 10-car museum comes as well as its gold Lamborghini Aventador roadster and gold Rolls-Royce Dawn are also shown throughout the film trailers.

Unique marketing
Sotheby's International Realty also devised a plan to raise the bar for the high-end condominium development industry, which has seen better days due to market slowdowns and an oversaturation of glitzy property options.

Developers of new luxury condominium buildings are having trouble finding demand and targeting buyers. Sotheby's International Realty Development Advisors is the real estate firm's new division that will focus exclusively on building the marketing for these developers (see more).

Real estate firm Engel & Völkers North America was also the latest to tap virtual reality for homebuyers to view listings as real as it can get without stepping foot into the location of interest.

Engel & Völkers launched a North American-wide program that saw Google Cardboard viewers placed at each of its real estate offices, as well as cameras to record VR video. Interested homebuyers that do not have the time to visit a listing will be able to view VR videos right in the real estate office (see more).

The OPUS listing is one of many innovative marketing tactics used by real estate marketers.

“I kept telling the director ‘Go darker... go sexier....’ and was thrilled to see the results---a woman who is transformed and empowered by the beauty of Opus,” Mr. Niami said.