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Lexus inspires consumers to live loudly with LS campaign

October 31, 2012


Toyota Corp.’s Lexus is capturing the brand’s revamped attitude in its 2013 LS sedan campaign that spans print and television.

The 2013 LS line features the first LS F Sport that comes with its own marketing campaign to highlight the lifestyle of its drivers. The campaign centers on four pillars: fashion, entertainment, epicurean and travel.

“The campaign seems to appeal to a wider audience,” said Courtney Albert, brand strategist at Parker Avery, Atlanta. “Although still an affluent audience, it appeals to more women and diverse groups.

“The LS is thought to be the flagship model for Lexus and it makes sense that in some ways Lexus has saved the best for last, as it has also launched campaigns around other models earlier this year,” she said.

“Lexus is well-known for its holiday sales event and this is setting the stage to push those fourth-quarter sales.”

Ms. Albert is not affiliated with Lexus, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Lexus was not available for comment before press deadline.

Loud, luxurious lifestyle
Lexus is releasing two commercials and two print advertisements to promote its new LS, along with the tagline, “an entirely new pursuit.”

The commercials will have broadcast spots in sports properties such as NBC Sunday Night Football, ESPN Monday Night Football, NFL on Fox, the NFL network, ESPN College Football and NCAA Basketball on CBS.

The first commercial called “Flashbulbs" shows a day-in-the-life of an affluent couple while they attend a fashion show, get a passport stamp for an exotic vacation, make an appearance at a jazz club and arrive on a red carpet, all while their Lexus LS follows suit.

"Flashbulbs" commercial 

The second commercial titled “Paddle Shifters” shows the lifestyle of people who seek bigger and better experiences. Each time the paddle shifter is hit, a scene transition takes place and both the music and the scenery get louder.

Again, the focus is on the fashionable couple’s night out.

"Paddle Shifters" commercial for the Lexus LS

The print ads show a picture of the LS and the couple with the words “Arrive Fashionably” and “Memorable Performance." These ads will be featured in magazines such as Wired, Architectural Digest, DuJour and Black Card Magazine.

Lexus LS print advertisement

In addition, Lexus will have billboards in Times Square in New York and also in Washington.

The automaker will also have out-of-home placements in private airports and executive lounges to target corporate and private jet owners, per Lexus.

Four pillars
Lexus is using four pillars – fashion, entertainment, epicurean and travel – to engage its target audience and show off an upscale lifestyle.

Also, the automaker has decided to partner with GQ to sponsor GQ’s “Men of the Year.” This will include a three-page spread, digital homepage takeover and an exclusive presence at the Men of the Year and GQ Nights events.

Furthermore, the brand will have vehicle integration on USA Network’s “Suits” series. This will be accompanied by social media posts and an interactive game component to push the brand through the series.

To reach the epicurean and travel pillars, Lexus will be the sponsor of a new editorial platform from Travel + Leisure and CNN called “100 Places to Eat Like a Local" which will feature the best authentic and under-the-radar places to eat around the world.

“The four pillars and the partnerships add an aspirational component to the campaign,” Ms. Albert said. “The likelihood is very high that one or more of these pillars are of an interest to the targeted consumer.

“Within the campaign, Lexus presents an amplified or aspirational scene of these areas and, in turn, the emotional values are projected upon the LS," she said.

Final Take
Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York