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Louis Vuitton dreams of summer in bright campaign

April 2, 2021

Louis Vuitton Onthego MM bag from the new summer collection. Image credit: Louis Vuitton


French fashion house Louis Vuitton is promoting its summer collection in a colorful ode to warmer days ahead.

Featuring the soft colors of sunrise and vibrant shades of sunset throughout the collection with a Monogram gradient, the brand is aiming to evoke a summer day at the beach. Two new exclusive bags have been introduced in multiple color options.

Summer by the pool
A colorful minute-long film accompanying the campaign features young women modeling pieces from the collection. The majority of shots are playful close-ups of the products themselves.

A narrator begins speaking at the start of the film, recounting a memory from one summer day.

“It was a beautiful day — not a cloud in the sky,” she says. “We had all decided to head to the coast for the weekend.”

Vivaldi’s "The Four Seasons: Spring 1" recomposed by Max Richter and Daniel Hope plays as the soundtrack to the film, bringing a liberating yet relaxing mood to the narrative.

“The cool breeze blew in from the south,” the narrator continues. “We dived from the front of the boat into the deep blue waters — I swam out from the others.”

Illuminated by sunlight, models are dressed in brightly colored Louis Vuitton monogrammed swimwear, denim shorts and leather belts, clutching the collection’s gradient handbags.

“Their voices far away in the hot summer air,” the narrator says. “I laid there, floating on my back, in the warm bright sun, looking up at the open sky.”

The film ends as the camera zooms in on a young woman’s face, whose eyes are closed and hair is tossing in a slight breeze. Viewers may conclude that this woman is the narrator.

Across a range of ready-to-wear pieces, accessories and shoes, the summer 2021 collection brings to life some of the brand’s more recognizable leather products such as the Onthego, Keepall and NéoNoé.

Two new exclusive bags, the Marshmallow and the Papillon BB are introduced in colorful options to further enhance the collection’s offerings.

Dreaming of summer
As consumers have spent nearly a year in and out of COVID-19 lockdowns, many fantasize about summer memories or simply the thought of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Like Louis Vuitton, some brands have tapped into this nostalgia with summer-themed campaigns.

In September 2020, Italian fashion label Versace held onto summer with an exuberant campaign for its women’s and men’s fragrances. The dual vignettes capture a carefree, sexy and glamorous beach trip on the Mediterranean.

The “Dylan Turquoise Pour Femme” vignette follows Hailey Bieber’s beach day with a group of friends. She is seen tanning and reading, all while keeping an eye on her romantic interest (see story).

In August, Dior kicked off a campaign promoting its various lines of men’s perfumes and fragrances promising “The Scent of Summer.” The campaign evoked the feeling of a summer evening by the sea, walking along the shore, with the textures of sea wood and the movement of water (see story).