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Mercedes brings the heat in latest look at its electric vehicles

August 23, 2018

Mercedes has been testing the EQC for three years. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz


German automaker Mercedes-Benz is showing off the power of its new all-electric vehicle in a film that gives drivers an inside look at its rigorous testing process.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC underwent a final round of heat testing to make sure it lives up to the automaker's standards. Many drivers have concerns that electric vehicles may not be as powerful and exciting to drive as their more traditional counterparts, leading automakers to create content that dispels these notions.

Desert heat

The film begins with the EQC powering up in the darkness of the desert. The harshness of the environment is clear as the wind blows sand and the ground cracks from the heat.

As the video explains, Mercedes exercized the heat testing in Spain's Tabernas desert during the peak of summer. The bright blue of the EQC stands out in the wide shots of the barren climate.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC undergoes its final heat tests in the Tabernas desert in Spain

During the beginning of the film, Mercedes lets the EQC speak for itself. There is a minimal score and no narration as the car roars through the desert, leaving a trail of dust behind it.

In one scene, a herder on the side of the mountain pauses and watches in awe as the EQC speeds by him.

Forty engineers worked on the Mercedes-Benz EQC. Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

The film's second half shows behind-the-scenes of the testing process as one engineer explains more about the process.

"We have now done testing for three years," Michael Kelz, chief engineer of the EQC, says in the video. "We have driven millions of kilometers [and] we have driven 90 prototypes."

The team is shown going over test results and inspecting the EQC, along with more footage of the car being driven across the desert. Though the film does not explicitly state the positive impact electric cars have on the environment, there is a clear appreciation for the natural landscape.

"I consider this car a game changer," Mr. Kelz says. "The last three years testing this car were a big adventure, but now we really see the great outcome in the pre-production cars."

Electric push

Mercedes has been heavily investing in its new electric vehicles, as well as promoting the innovation behind the cars.

A recent video campaign appealed to the next generation of luxury car buyers by touching on the positive impact of Mercedes' new electric vehicles.

The short film, "Moving Forward," is the result of a partnership between Mercedes and online publication Highsnobiety and features a diverse cast of young people. Instead of emphasizing the innovative features of the Concept EQ, the video emphasizes the power younger people hold (see story).

Mercedes is also hyping up the release of the new Concept EQA, featuring digital at the core of its build and beyond. To introduce the new vehicle, Mercedes released a trailer in addition to a digital film as part of its 60-second video series.

The brand is hoping the all-electric hatchback will be on the market, as well as another at least nine models, by 2022 in a new initiative to usher in sustainability. The EQA is likely to be released following the availability of its EQ (see story).