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Moët, Michael Kors kick off new Twitter design to bolster engagement

September 20, 2012


Brands including Moët & Chandon and Michael Kors are pioneering the new Twitter design, allowing for further engagement with consumers and acting as authorities on new technology.

The new Twitter design has an emphasis on images and aesthetics and since the luxury industry is so visual, this allows consumers to bolster interaction with brands. Similar to the Facebook Timeline, brands that are the first to get in touch with the new Twitter design will be better equipped to handle new marketing opportunities on the space.

“We knew Twitter would be making an announcement this morning and wanted to be prepared for any design changes that would affect the brand,” said Christopher Renz, New York-based agency director of The brpr Group, the digital agency of record for Moët & Chandon USA.

“We feel there is a great opportunity to lead in this space and we are committed to expanding our digital presence moving forward,” he said.

Looks matter
Twitter users can now upload a new header photo on their Web profiles that will also be available on iPad, iPhone and Android applications.

The new profiles will get to know people better from pictures. Photo streams are able to appear below all users’ most recent Tweets on the iPhone, Android and iPad. Consumers can swipe through the stream to see the photos.

The seamless experience transfers further with the ability to upload a background photo to complement the header and profile pictures.

Moët and Michael Kors have already begun.

The Champagne brand’s new page features a Moët bottle in a French-looking room. The background photo is similar to the header.

Users can see all of the most recent images in a photo stream, such as bottles cooling in a tub of ice, its sponsorship of the Ryder Cup and images of the Moët vineyards.

Moët photostream

“As the redesign provides an increased visual opportunity, we wanted to ensure that the spirit of success and glamour was communicated effectively,” Mr. Renz said. “The redesign allows us yet another touch point to tell our story in a more visually engaging way.”

Meanwhile, Michael Kors does not have a header image, but has a background image of photographers recording the brand’s fashion show.

Michael Kors' new Twitter

Below, consumers can see all of the most recent images from the brand.

"I’d say these brands are definitely at an advantage as far as being first-to-market with the new creative designs," said Ron Schott, senior strategist at Spring Creek Group, Seattle.

"I don’t think there are any real monetary advantages, at least with what I’ve seen," he said. "However, I’d be willing to bet that users that land on a Twitter page of a brand who’s taking full advantage of the new design changes to Twitter would be much more likely to engage longer with the content than a user who lands on a page that doesn’t have the upgraded look and feel."

Getting ahead
When social media platforms evolve, consumers expect marketers to evolve with them.

For example, when the Facebook  Timeline launched earlier this year, brands including Burberry, Lexus and Louis Vuitton were some of the first to get on board, positioning themselves as authorities and technological innovators in their fields (see story).

"There’s always the fear of being 'first in the water,' but honestly, with something like the new Twitter design changes, the risk is very low," Mr. Schott said.

"Brands that are out of the gate first have the chance to try and test multiple strategies with their images that can easily be changed out in order to find what works best for them," he said. "Until great header images become the new normal, there won’t be much of a focus on who is doing it right so much as who is doing it."

The brands that took hold of the new marketing opportunities in site redesigns and social platforms were better equipped to deal with the challenges that came later on.

Likewise, since most of the new Twitter changes are based on images and aesthetics, this seems to be a perfect opportunity for luxury marketers to get on board and better connect with consumers while telling their brand story.

“The real-time component to Twitter makes sharing Moët moments exceptionally easy,” Moët's Mr. Renz said. “It also makes it easier for consumers to engage with us.

“We are able to answer questions as to where consumers can purchase certain products, provide details on our sponsorships and digitally toast to the special moments in their lives and share content from our success and glamour digital series,” he said.

Final Take

Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York