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Audi chooses entertainment value for S range campaign

September 11, 2012


Audi of America is hyping its S model range for the first time via a dedicated television campaign beginning with a commercial that is airing with National Football League games in addition to placements on select cable networks and online media.

The first United States-based campaign for the S range currently consists of 60-second and 30-second spots that center on the tagline “Heighten Every Moment” and show the S8 model. Audi has also secured a commercial spot during the Super Bowl XLVII, the automaker’s sixth consecutive placement during the game, which proves that TV continues to be a worthwhile channel for the brand to spread its campaign messages.

“The spot Suspect not only provides entertainment value, but it also celebrates the introduction of the 2013 Audi S8,” said Loren Angelo, general manager of brand marketing at Audi of America, Herndon, VA. “Coupled with the S6 and S7, the launch of the 2013 Audi S Models now completes Audi’s competitive product portfolio.

"The goal of the campaign is to build awareness for Audi in a powerful media platform while showcasing our new S model lineup,” he said.

Usual suspects

Audi of America is airing the 60-second commercial called “Suspect” during NFL games on CBS and NBC networks. It will also be shown on cable networks such as Food Network, FX, National Geographic, ESPN, USA, CNN and AMC.

In fact, the commercial premiered on TV Sept. 5 during the first break after the kickoff of the first NFL game of the season.

In addition, a 30-second cut will also be shown in online ads on sites such as CNN, Reuters, Wired and Yahoo.

The Suspect commercial mimics the beginning of heist films, per Audi.

It is also meant to show the origin of the S range, which descends from the automakers' racing history, through the tagline “Heighten Every Moment.”

The commercial starts by showing occurrences in a city setting such as a woman walking in red heels, workers unloading currency from a money truck and policemen patrolling in a squad car.

Then, a man is shown in an S8 vehicle nervously checking his watch.


The commercial intertwines the various scenes so that viewers can be convinced that the S8 driver is about to commit or witness a crime.

However, the man’s thoughts are snapped back to reality when the woman in red shoes, who seems to be his girlfriend or wife, enters the passenger’s seat with his coffee order.

Suspect commercial

Be a good sport

In the luxury sector, automakers are some of the few brands that continue to use TV. This is likely because the medium allows them to show what their products are intended to do: move at high speeds. 

Audi, in particular, uses television often for all types of campaigns, including those with entertainment value as well as product information.

This strategy might be to attract viewers of football games who are looking to be entertained by the commercials as much as they are by the game.

For instance, Audi looked to wipe out the long-hyped vampire fad with its Super Bowl XLVI advertisement for the S7, which promoted its powerful LED lights that can apparently destroy creatures of the night (see story).

“Vampire Party” commercial

Audi also announced that it will advertise during Super Bowl XLVII with a commercial created by Venables Bell & Partners. This is its sixth consecutive year as an advertiser.

Furthermore, the automaker looked to entertain viewers of the National Hockey League playoffs earlier this year with a commercial called “Alien”. It featured a child naming reasons why her father is not from this planet including that he drives a spaceship, which is his Audi A6 (see story).

The Alien commercial seemed to entertain viewers in contrast to Audi’s past commercials for the A6 model that focused on safety and performance, a move likely to appeal to the audience watching sports.

“We are once again thrilled to continue our Sunday football tradition and be part of the action leading up to Super Bowl XLVII,” Mr. Angelo said.

“The NFL is the perfect venue to launch a dedicated campaign for the new 2013 S models, which are powerful and competitive vehicles that descend from Audi’s rich racing history,” he said.

Final Take
Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York